North Houston Rise of the Runelords

Tragedy strikes Sandpoint Swallowtail Festival

Goblins run amuck

Sunday, 23 Rova 4707

The town square of Sandpoint was filled with citizens and visitors from around Golarion participating in the annual Swallowtail Festival. The day began with speeches from Mayor Kendra Deverin, Sheriff Belor Hemlock, Cyrdak Drokkus, and Father Abstalar Zantus. At noon, Father Zantus and his acolytes wheeled a covered wagon into the square and released a thousand swallowtail butterflies into the air to celebrate the legend of Desna transforming a blind child who nursed her back to health into an immortal butterfly as a reward for her aid.

As the sun began to set, Fr. Zantus used a thunderstone to gather the crowd’s attention. As the crowd hushed to listen to Fr. Zantus, a woman’s scream pieced the silence and a stray dog toppled over, its throat cut open from ear to ear. Goblins streamed into the square from all directions.

Amid the chaos, six brave souls (later known as the Heroes of Sandpoint) stepped out from among the crowd and struck back at the goblins. They easily dealt with the initial assault of five goblins but a second wave, led by a goblin warchanter, proved a much more difficult task. A Cheliaxian sorcerer by the name of Atavian was disabled by a goblin but a Varisian monk named Alcea came to his aid and was able to fend off the goblin invaders before more harm came to him. Meanwhile, a Shoanti Fighter named Remicus, a local half-elf cleric named Gaithan, and rogue named Abiyram came to the aid of wizard named Dalton Lockridge who unfortunately was standing near the fuel for the bonfire that a group of goblins had set ablaze.

It was a see saw battle with goblins seemingly having the upper hand until Remicus landed a devastating critical blow on the goblin warchanter. When the warchanter fell, the goblin resolve immediately began to wane and the remaining goblins were quickly defeated.

Gaithan healed the party and the battle moved away. Suddenly, the party saw a goblin commando and a group of 5 goblins threatening a nobleman, Aldern Foxglove and his dog. They did not arrive in time to save the dog, but after a spirited chase, the party took down the goblin commando, his dog and his henchman. Aldern thanks the heroes profusely. He tells the heroes he will be in town for a few days and will be staying at the Rusty Dragon. He urges them to visit him there so that he talk with them more and also provide a more substantial reward.

Two goblins were captured after the raid and questioned by Sheriff Belor Hemlock while the heroes listened in. The goblins yielded little information except that they came from the Sandpoint Hintererlands and were part of the Birdcruncher tribe. They did not remember the name of their leader, except to refer to him as “one of you longshanks”.

Word quickly spreads through town about the six brave heroes who drove the goblin threat out of town. When the heroes visit the The Hagfish tavern, a great cheer rises up and a round of free drinks swiftly appear in front of the heroes. Remicus, Abiyram, and Atavian accept the challenge to drink from Norah’s tank with only Remicus successfully downing the foul water. Remicus adds the 29th name to the list on the ceiling of adventurers with the fortitude to succeed at Norah’s challenge and accepts a pouch of silver coins as a prize. Gaithan appears to have caught the interest of a local young woman named Shayliss Vinder but her friends drag her away before the conversation can go very far.

Moonday, 24 Rova 4707

Several party members are staying at the Rusty Dragon. When the group meets for breakfast, they see Aldern at anothe table. He bids them to join them. Aldern makes good on his word to reward the heroes for saving his life and gives each hero 50 gp. He also invites them to join him on a boar hunt. When he finds out that the party has no horses, he takes them to the Goblin Squash Stables and buys each of them a mount. During the ride to Tickwood Ford, Aldern peppered the group with many questions about the their adventuring background. He seems to have been particularly enamored with the young monk, Alcea. The boar hunt was successful and Aldern’s manservants gathered up the slain boar and take it back to the Rusty Dragon where it is given to Ameiko Kaijitsu, the Inn’s owner. Aldern invites the party for a boar feast that evening at the Rusty Dragon. The heroes spent the remainder of the day exploring Sandpoint.



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