6’3”, Bright Blue Eyes, Dark Black Hair and an athletic build.


Born in Sandpoint, the bastard son of a traveling elf and human barmaid, Gaithan nevertheless had a wonderful childhood. Raised around the pub, fishing with the locals and taking a strong interest in brewing. All of that changed near Gaithan’s 16th birthday. His loving mother was killed one night while Gaithan was fishing. The killer was Chopper, the serial killer who stalked the small town. After his mothers death, Gaithan was taken to Magnimar to live with family. It was in Magnimar that he learned of his god and began to live the free life of Cayden Cailean. Now 5 years later, gaithan has gotten the urge to travel; his first stop on his journey is his home town and the grave of his mother. Let the adventure begin.

Gaithan is a happy soul; despite his early sorrow in life he has come to view life as a grand adventure. Maybe he has much of his father in him, which is what leads him to travel, drink, womanize, and adventure, just like his father and his god did before him. Always ready to have fun, never feeling the time is wrong to joke around or have a drink; Gaithan is an aloof but trustworthy companion. While his skills with his mouth are great, he has a moral code never to betray a friend, especially those who watch his back.


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