Dalton Lockridge

Youngish Human Male, bookish looking chap.


S: 12 D: 13 C: 13 I: 18 W: 12 Ch: 10 HP:13 AC: 13 Spd: 30 Fort-1 Refl-1 Will-4

Skills: Appraise; Knowledge Arcana, History; Liguistics; Profession Scribe, Farmer; Spellcraft; Catography Feats: Alertness (familure w/in arms reach), Eschew materials, Point Blank Shot Special Abilities: Arcane Bond, Arcane School (Universal); Scribe scroll; Hand of the Apprentice Magical talent (light) & Rich Parents


The 3rd of 4 children. He took after his mother, she was the famil’s record/lore keeper. Distantly related to the Deverins (on his mother’s side), his family was fairly well know in the farming community. Always willing to help out around the farm, it was discovered that he had a knack wioth numbers and took to reading at an early age. Upon his 14th birthday, he traveled to Galduria to attend the new mages school there, with the understanding that he would return home at the end of year to help out on the farm, reconect with the family and to “earn” his keep.

Dalton Lockridge

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