Robes of Runes

Robe of Spell Recall


Aura strong transmutation CL 13th
Slot body Price 44,000 gp

This robe is made of crimson silk and emblazoned with dozens of spindly Thassilonian runes, each symbolizing a different type of magical effect or syllable of power. Favored by wizards, this robe can provide benefit to any spellcasting creature. While worn, it grants a +4 enhancement bonus to intelligence and allows the wearer to recall, as a free action, up to four levels of spells per day that he had prepared and then cast. Each time a spell is recalled and prepared again in this manner, the sudden rush of magical energy infuses the wearer with power – for one round after recalling a spell, the wearer’s spell save DCs and attack rolls for spells gain a +2 enhancement bonus.


Robes of Runes

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