North Houston Rise of the Runelords

The Late Unpleastness returns?
Ghoul Fever

Fireday, 3 Lamashan 4707 AR

The Heroes of Sandpoint returned home after successfully defeating Nualia and her minions. As their fame grew, a young Half-Orc Bard named Erdbeden approached the heroes at their favorite local watering hole, the Rusty Dragon. Erdbeden introduced himself to the group by his human name, Peregrid Fook. He asked to join the adventurers on their future quests so that he could chronicle their exploits. When questioned, the group inquired about Peregrid’s fighting skills. Peregrid, answered that he was very good with a long sword. Content Not Found: gaithan suggested that Peregrid and Remicus engage in a mock fight to test Peregrid’s alleged skills. The slightly inebriated Remicus offered the bard the first swing and was staggered as Peregrid rendered a massive, non-lethal blow with his long sword. Remicus shook off the cob webs from the blow, and warmly welcomed the young bard into the group.

After last call, the group headed outside as the other patrons filtered out. They heard a familiar, high-pitched scream from the Northwest. It sounded like the Sandpoint Devil. The very intoxicated heroes made their way in the direction of the scream, waking up the entire neighborhood as they passed. A constable on patrol halted the heroes and asked them to return to the quarters for the night so that the remainder of Sandpoint could get some sleep.

The next morning, as the heroes stocked up on supplies or slept, another constable approached them to inform them that Belor Hemlock was looking for them. The suddenly sullen group, concerned that exploits had been slightly over the top quietly filed into the Sherrif’s office. A grim Hemlock entered the room and informed the group that a murderer had taken up residence in Sandpoint and that by the gruesome remains that were left, this was no ordinary murderer. What made the case even more curious was that the murderer was apparently acquainted with one of the Sandpoint Heroes. Sheriff Hemlock handed over a note found on the body of one of the victims with Remicus’s name on it.

The heroes were speechless for a moment. Sheriff Hemlock tried to reassure Remicus that he was not under any suspicion, but he was concerned that if word got out, the town may turn on the heroes. Sheriff Hemlock deputized the heroes so that may investigate the murders in a more official role. Also, he added that this was not first murders to occur. A few days earlier, 3 local con men were found murdered in the same gruesome manner. A fourth person at the scene was left alive but was in a terrible mental state and currently was being held under the care of Erin Habe at the Saintly Haven of Respite just south of town. The con men were lured with a note

The heroes began their investigation at the Sandpoint Lumber Mill the scene of the latest murders. As they arrive, they reassured the crowd that had gathered to not fear, “The Heroes of Sandpoint will track this murder down.” A murmur of approval rippled through the crowd. Entering the lumber mill, the heroes found a gruesome scene. The mill was coated with sawdust strewn with footprints and splashes of blood. Sagittel Novathar checked the floor carefully and discovered that a struggle took place several hours ago and further, one of the tracks not only was barefoot, it smelled of rotten meat. Carved on the chest of Banny Harker is a 7 pointed star. It is the same rune found on the medallion Gaithan took from Nualia. Peregrid used his Blood Biography spell to question the deceased Harker. Harker confirmed that the murder took a place the previous evening. He was working late at the mill when an unknown attacker overpowered and killed him. The heroes then turned their attention to the body of Katrine Vinder, which was left in a mangled heap near the log splitter. A hand axe was embedded in the floor as if it were dropped. The bloody handprint on the handle matched Katrine’s hand. Also, the strong smell of rotten meat hung heavy over the axe. Peregrid and Geoff were overcome by a wave of nausea due to the smell, but Geoff acted quickly to cure himself and Peregrid. Peregrid used the same spell as before, and learned that Katrine discovered a ghoulish creature desecrating Harker’s body; she attempted to attack the creature but was pushed into the log splitter.

The search continued outside as Sagittel followed some tracks outside to the edge of the dock. The tracks led from a muddy spot on the mill side of the river, up onto the dock, up the side of the mill and into an upstairs window. The group then crossed the river and discovered an area across the mill that afforded a concealed location to watch the mill. Tracks led from the river to the concealed area and back. The party proceeded to investigate both sides of the shoreline to the north of the mill up to the cemetery but found no more tracks.

The heroes than turned their attention to questioning Grayst Sevilla at the The Saintly Haven of Respite, otherwise known as Habe’s Sanitarium. The owner of the Sanitarium, Erin Habe was a little uneasy when the party arrived. He grudgingly allowed the party in and the led the group to the room Grayst was kept. As the heroes entered the room, Grayst was mumbling incoherently, occasionally saying things like, “razors”, “too many teeth”, and the “Skinsaw man is coming”. When Remicus entered the room, Grayst’s eyes bulged and he said:

“He said, He said you would visit me. His Lordship. The one that unmade me said so. He has a place for you. A precious place. I’m so jealous. He has a message for you. He made me remember it. I hope I haven’t forgotten. The master wouldn’t approve if I forgot. Let me see…let…me…see… He said that the bodies you are finding are signs and portents; that when he is done, you shall be remembered forever and the Misgivings shall be your throne!”

One of the assistants recognized the term Misgivings as the local name of a run-down and abandoned estate further to the south – a place called Foxglove Manor. After his speech, Grayst collaped and began to moan. Suddenly he shrieked, broke free of the old straitjacket holding him and lunged for Remicus. Fortunately, the party was able to subdue the creature. The unconscious creature’s condition was checked, and it was discovered that he was suffering from Ghoul Fever due to a bite on his neck. When questioned, Habe admitted that he knew Grayst was suffereing from the malady but wanted to observe the disease more closely. Fr Zantus was summoned but he was not able to due anything to help Grayst. The heroes reluctantly ended Grayst suffering permanently. The heroes arrested Habe and his two assistants for allowing Grayst to suffer without care and imprisoned the group at the Sandpoint Jail.

At the jail, the heroes found a distraught Ven Vinder also incarcerated. Sheriff Hemlock told them that Ven had become quite upset when he learned of Katrine’s death and that for Vin’s safety, he had locked up the shop keeper to keep him from doing anything rash. Gaithon was able to comfort Ven and assured him that the Heroes of Sandpoint would find Katrine’s killer, and bring that being to justice.

As it was getting late, the party’s last stop was the home of Brodert Quirk. Mr.Quirk was an expert on all things Thassilonian. He identified the figure as the Sihedron Rune. He observed that the Rune was symbol of power and that the fact that the killer carved it into the flesh of his victim may mean that the killer was some sort of scholar. Of course, he reassured the party he of course was innocent. The investigation concluded for the night, the party resolved to visit Foxglove Manor the following day.

Starday, 5 Lamashan 4707 AR

The plans to investigate Foxglove Manor were interrupted when a farmer, Maester Grump stumbled into town. He found Sheriff Hemlock and the heroes preparing for their investigation. The clearly distraught Grump was mumbling a Varisian nursery rhyme about stalking scarecrows as the heroes entered the room. He told the heroes that the southern farmlands have come under siege by foul walking scarecrows that stalk the night. His fellow farmers had narrowed the source of the scourge to the Hambley farm. A group had decided to investigate, but when they did, they were attacked by foll that looked like corpses but fed like starving animals. “They even ate the dogs!”

At the sheriff’s request, the heroes agree to investigate Farmer Grump’s story. They headed south to the Hambley farm where they encountered a grisly site. As the group moved close to a scarecrow, it began to wail and struggle against its bonds. The group lifted the bag over the head of the struggling scarecrow and found that it was an undead ghoul. They made short work of the ghoul but they were now leery of other scarecrows that they could see in the fields. As they made their way toward the Hambley farmhouse, 3 ghouls burst out from the fields and attacked the heroes. The heroes easily dispatched the undead and continued to make their way to the farmhouse.

Carefully, the heroes entered the dilapidated farm house. They saw a body on the floor. It was the mutilated body of Crade Hambley. Carved onto Hambley’s chest was the now familiar Sihedron Rune. Also, pinned to his tunic was another note addressed to Remicus second note. Finally, a rusty key was found in Hambley’s pocket. The party searched the remainder of the room but did not find any other meaningful clues.

The heroes continued their search in the back bedroom. When they entered the room, they were attacked by 3 ghouls with a 4th ghoul in the back directing them. Geoff and Gaithan used channeled their positive energy against the ghouls as Saggitel, Remicus and Peregrid attacked with their weapons. The party only suffered minor injuries as they were able to defeat the ghouls. A search of the lead ghoul uncovered an iron key around the ghoul’s neck on a leather cord. The key bore a heraldic symbol of a curious flower surrounded by thorns. The symbol was identified as the Foxglove family crest and the group surmised that the ghoul was the late Rogors Craesby, the caretaker of the Foxglove estate. As the Saggitel searched the room, he found a loose floorboard under which a stout wooden coffer was hidden. Hambley’s key was used to open the coffer and reveal 34 pouches containing 100 silver pieces each.

The party searched the remainder of the rooms in the house and the barn. In the house’s kitchen, blood stains from a great struggle were found but no bodies. The barn yielded a grisly scene of bones and partially eaten carcasses, mostly cows or horses but also the remains of some of the human farmers. The party then explored the surrounding farmland to rid the area of the remaining scarecrow ghouls, in all they found 11 ghoulish scarecrows and two human survivors who had been bitten but not yet succumbed to ghoul fever. The heroes led the two survivors back to Sandpoint so that Gaithan could heal them.

Exploring the Catacombs of Wrath
Ancient horrors await

Oathday, 25 Rova 4707 (continued)

After defeating the Vargouille and finding the remainder of the hall a dead end, Remicus, Abiyram, and Gaithan returned to the red marble statue. They heard a faint cry for help coming from the north passage and decided to investigate. Abiyram quietly opened the door of the ancient prison and listened. It seemed that one of the cells was occupied by someone or something that was still alive. The heroes split up with Gaithan and Abiyram taking the west set of stairs and Remicus taking the east set of stairs. As they descended the stairs, two sinspawn that had been hiding under the stairs leapt out and unsuccessfully tried to grab Gaithan and Remicus. Remicus easily dispatched his sinspawn, but not before he received a nasty bite and was overwhelmed by feelings of wrath, anger and rage for six minutes from the Sinspawn’s wrathful bite. He then helped Gaithan and Abiyram with the other sinspawn, despite his weakened condition.

With the sinspawn defeated, the heroes began to search for the source of the earlier cry. They found a badly beaten, but still alive Sagittel Novathar in a cell. Fortunately, for Sagittel, the sinspawn had not relieved him of any of his gear, however his warhorse was nowhere to be found. Sagittel explained that on a drunken whim, he had decided to set out for Sandpoint from Magnimar in search of an elvin ranger who often came that way. He had heard that she was very knowledgable of the woodland lore in the Hinterlands and he wanted to learn more. The heroes immediately recognized the elvin ranger Sagittel was describing as Shalelu Andosana. As far as Sagittel recalled, the sinspawn must have jumped him in his inebriated state and taken him prisoner. He did not know how long he had been imprisoned. With some trepidation, the group asked him to join them as they explored the catacombs. Exploring the remaining cells yielded nothing but the skeletal remains of prisoners who had died a long time ago.

The group of 4 proceeded east down a hallway and entered an ancient interrogation chamber. All manner of devices designed to inflict pain and suffering could be found in the room. All of the torture devices were too decayed and rusted to be used now. On the south wall of the room, a door led to a study. Before entering, Abiyram looked inside and saw the crumbling remnants of chairs and a long table. The group entered the study and searched through the rubble. They found an intact scroll written in an ancient language. Sagittel used his read magic skill to discern that it was a scroll of flaming sphere (CL 5th). On the south wall of the study, three doors, each marked with the same seven-pointed star seen elsewhere, lead to more prison cells. In each cell, the group found a badly deformed humanoid creature. The first had three arms, the second an enormous misshapen skull, and the last had a ribcage that went all of the way down to its pelvis which in turn was connected to stunted leg bones.

After searching the interrogation room and study, the heroes (including Sagittel) climbed a dark staircase and entered a room with eleven wooden lids scattered throughout the room. Low moans and strange shuffling sounds could be heard coming from the pits. Opening one of the lids revealed that at the bottom of each 20 foot pit was a zombie. The pits were too deep for the zombies to climb, fortunately. As the group investigated the pits, a hideously mutated goblin named Koruvus attacked them. Koruvus attempted to bull rush Remicus into one of the pits but failed. A few arrows later, and a mighty strike from a sword left Koruvus lying dead on the ground. After debating several methods of disposing of the zombies, one of which included lowering Remicus into the tight space to slay each zombie, the group decided to burn each zombie using some oil and the dried timber from the pit lids. It was not long before a roaring fire raged in each pit, consuming the zombies and putting them out of their centuries long misery.

The heroes took a hallway south from the prisoner pits toward a strange red glow. Upon entering the room, the group saw several objects floating in the room, spinning lazily in space. The objects consisted of a ragged book, a scroll, a bottle of wine, a twisted iron wand with a forked tip, and a dead raven with a halo of writhing maggots encircling it. The walls were plated in sheets of red metal that gave off a faint glow. Once in a while, the walls would ripple with a silent, black electricity that formed strange runes or ancient, undecipherable words. Sagittel grabbed each of the objects, quickly dropping the dead raven when maggots climbed up his arm. Sagittel once again used his read magic skill to discern that it was a scroll of burning hands (CL 3rd). The book was written in Abyssal and appeared to be a prayer book to Lamashtu. The group returned the way they had come, tossing the prayer book into one of the still burning zombie pits.

The heroes returned to red marble statue and headed down a long hallway that branched eastward from a hallway heading south. First, the group encountered a shrine to Lamashtu. Investigating the altar in the middle of the shrine led them to the discovery of a small pool of water which they identified as the Waters of Lamashtu. The group then carefully opened some doors to room that appeared to be a cathedral.

Immediately upon entering the cathedral, a tiny female quasit thaumaturge of Lamashtu, Erilyium, rose up from behind a pool of strange water and cried out, “Daring to intrude upon the Mother’s sanctum!” With that, the quasit slashed her own wrist with her dagger and allowed some of the blood to drip into the pool. As she did, the runewell’s glow diminished noticeably and the group saw a sudden look of worry cross the quasit’s face. The drops coalesced in the pool and a sinspawn suddenly emerged. As the heroes converged on the sinspawn, Erilyium shattered Remicus’s bastard sword with a spell and broke it into a thousand pieces. Then she disappeared using her invisibility spell. Sagittel attempted to shoot cold iron arrows in her general direction, but very few found their mark. Erilyium threw all of the spells she knew at the heroes. She summoned a dire rat, a lemure and generated another sinspawn but the heroes dispatched each of her minions with relative ease.

Erilyium herself was a much more difficult foe. With her ability to fly, become invisible and damage resistance against all weapons except cold iron many of the hero’s usual tactics were worthless. Also, each time she reappeared, she seemed stronger than before. The quasit and the heroes battled to a stalemate as neither side could inflict much damage. Then Gaithan attempted to rattle Erilyium first with verbal taunts, then toppling over the small alter (which caused the room temperature to drop below zero), and finally as an ultimate insult, urinating into the runewell of wrath. While Gaithan was distracting the quasit, Abiyram used the twisted wand which turned out to be wand of shocking grasp and Sagittel used the flaming sphere to in attempt to knock her down. Filled with fury at Gaithan’s defilement, Erilyium reappeared 10 feet above the runewell and threw her tiny dagger at Gaithan. Abiyram seized the opportunity and leaped over the pond grabbing the quasit has he passed. Both the quasit and Abiyram crashed into the runewell waters and immediately took heavy damage from the bitterly cold wrath waters. Wrath surged in each and rage took over. Erilyium clawed Abiyram and successfully poisoned him. But Sagittel drove his cold iron arrow deep into the quasit’s heart and killed her. Remicus rendered Abiyram unconscious before he harmed anybody else. Sagittel dropped some remaining blood from the quasit into the runewell to generate one last sinspawn and thereby drain the runewell of its remaining power. The heroes handily defeated the last sinspawn.

Searching the quasit body yielded +1 returning dagger (tiny), a miniature tiara, miniature black silk gown and an obsidian unholy symbol of Lamashtu.

While exploring the town...
Tragedy strikes again

Moonday, 24 Rova 4707 (afternoon)

While waiting for the fine boar feast being prepared by Ameiko Kaijitsu the Heroes of Sandpoint, sans Alcea set off for the boneyard east of the cathedral after overhearing a rumor that a grave had been recently desecrated.

Upon their arrival, they saw the caretaker of the Sandpoint Boneyard Naffer Vosk looking over what appeared to be a recently dug grave. Vosk quickly recognized the heroes and explained that this was the grave of Ezakien Tobyn, the former Arch Priest of the Sandpoint Chapel. At this point, Fr. Abstalar Zantus joined the group and expressed his dismay at who would steal Fr. Tobyn’s body. He explained to the group that Fr. Tobyn was killed in the fire that destroyed the chapel. His daughter Nualia was also presumed killed, but her remains were never found. A search of the area revealed several sets of goblin tracks along with one set of humanoid tracks. Unfortunately, the tracks disappeared on the Lost Coast Road heading North. When the heroes inquired about a guide to help track the goblins, they were informed that the best tracker Shalelu Andosana is out of town. Further, Fr. Zantus asks that they keep this finding a secret in order to spare the town further distress.

The heroes returned to the Rusty Dragon in time for the delicious boar feast. Aldern Foxglove inquires to the whereabouts of the lovely Alcea The group explained that they have not seen her since the boar hunt and perhaps she was investigating goblins in the woods northeast of town. Aldern was very disappointed by this news. However, after few tankards of Ale, Aldern returned to being the life of the party. He peppered the group with many questions about their exploits. Near the end of the dinner, Sherrif Belor Hemlock motioned the heroes into a quiet corner. He explained that he received word that Shalelu was returning to town much earlier than expected and had news about goblin attacks all along the Lost Coast. He asked the group to come to his office in the morning.

Toolday, 25 Rova 4707

The day began meeting with Sheriff Belor, Mayor Kendra Deverin, and Shalelu. Shalelu reports that Sandpoint is not the only place in the region having troubles with goblins. There has been an increase in goblin raids up and down the Lost Coast Road, especially between Nettlewood and Mosswood. A day ago, a farm south of Mosswood was burnt to the ground by a group of goblins. Thankfully, Shalelu was nearby and was able to save the family. She describes to the party the five goblin trives that make their home in the Hinterlands. The five tribes are

    • Birdcruncher They live in caves along the western edge of Devil’s Platter. These goblins are the least agressive.
    • Licktoad They live in the south in Brinestrump Marsh. They are excellent swimmers.
    • Seven ToothThey live in Shank’s Wood. They raid Sandpoint junkyard and rebuild the stolen garbage into armor and weapons that trade to the other goblin tribes.
    • Mosswood They are the largest tribe but are held back by feuding families.
    • Thistletop They live in Nettlewood, atop a small island that resembles a decapitated head.

There is also a bugbear ranger, Bruthazmus, that lives in northern Nettlewood. he trades with all five of the goblin tribes and he and Shalelu have their own private battle. Neither, has been able to get the upper hand, but Shalelu is confident that she will emerge victorious.

After Shalelu shared her tale, Sheriff Belor informed the party that he was taking a few men to Magnimar to procure reinforcements. He asked the heroes to keep a high profile in the town to reassure the citizens that all was safe. “The locals seem to have taken to you,” he says, “And seeing you around town will do a lot for keeping worries down over the next few days.” The heroes are very happy to assist.

Later that day, Shayliss Vinder asked for Gaithan’s assistance with a rat problem in the basement of the General Store. Gaithan and Shayliss were nearly discovered in a compromising situation by Shayliss’s father, Ven Vinder, but fortunately they heard Ven’s heavy boots coming down the stairs. Gaithan successfully bluffed his way out of the delicate situation with a story of seeing an object roll down the steps. He went down to retrieve it and embarrassingly discovered Shayliss in the process of changing. Ven believed Gaithan’s story and thanked him for his assistance.

Meanwhile, Remicus, Abiyram, Atavian, and Dalton Lockridge were approached by Amele Barrett. A goblin had holed up in their home after the failed goblin raid. The goblin had killed the Barrett’s dog, Petal, and tried to eat her son’s arm. Her husband, Alergast was trying to kill the goblin and she hoped the heroes could assist. Alas, they arrived too late to save poor Alergast but were able to slay the goblin ranger, Gresgurt.

The remainder of the day was spent exploring the town of Sandpoint. The party split into two groups. Remicus and Atavian explored the north and western part of the town and Abiyram, Dalton, and Gaithan explored the south and eastern part of the town. Atavian was able to purchase a map of Sandpoint and rent a map of the Hinterlands from Veznutt Parooh at The Way North He made a copy of the Hinterlands map.

Just before dusk, the group gathered at Rissa’s Place, an out of the way bar, popular with locals. As they approached the bar, they heard a half howl, half scream echo from overhead. The heroes looked up and caught a glimpse of a large, demonic creature flying overhead. The group headed into the bar and inquired about the creature. The bar grew quiet and someone gasped that the creature may be the Sandpoint Devil. Several rumors and stories were shared about the creature. Some say its a bad omen, any who see the devil are cursed to suffer an ill fate. The devil flies over Sandpoint in warning before tragedies, murders and shipwrecks. Others suggested that the devil is the son of a widow named Agatha Leeds who practiced dark magics and consorted with evil beings. Or it may be an immortal protector protecting the Lost Coast from those who would exploit the land. Soon, the patrons recovered from the scare and resumed enjoying their drinks. Gaithan befriended two young ladies and took them back to the Rusty Dragon. Unknown to him, Shayliss spotted him entering with the ladies on his arm, and turned in a huff.

Wealday, 26 Rova 4707

Morning came, and the heroes were greeted by a distraught maid at the Rusty Dragon named Bethana Corwin. Her employer, Ameiko Kaijitsu had not started breakfast and was nowhere to be found. She went to Ameiko’s room and discovered a note to Ameiko from her brother Tsuto Kaijitsu. Bethana explained that Tsuto was something of a scandal when he was born 21 years ago. He is a half-elf, but both of Ameiko’s parents, Lonjiku Kaijitsu and his late wife are human. Tsuto was sent off to the Turandarok Academy to be raised outside of the family. He was ignored by his father, who also forbid his mother from visiting him. Ameiko would visit in secret a few times a month. That all changed six years ago when they had a terrible argument where Tsuto struck Ameiko. Ameiko left Sandpoint for a year and did not return until the funeral of her mother five years ago. There was a confrontation in which Lonjiku nearly broke Tsuto’s jaw. Tsuto has not been seen since.

The heroes immediately set off for the Glassworks. As they investigated the Glassworks, the heroes found a grisly scene. Twelve goblins were wreaking havoc on the bodies of 8 deceased employees of the Glassworks in an attempt to mimic a gruesome monument left by Tsuto. Tsuto had taken a lifeless body and encased it black runny sheets of hardened glass. The heroes defeated half the goblins before the remaining goblins fled to the basement of the Glassworks.

The heroes followed right behind the goblins and discovered Tsuto poised for attack near a secret office. It was short work to slay the goblins and capture Tsuto. Despite their efforts to intimidate Tsuto, he refused to provide any information. Fortunately, they found his journal which detailed both the recent goblin raid and future planned raids on Sandpoint. The most surprising nugget of information found was that Nualia was actually still alive and that she had masterminded the theft of her father’s body to use as a sacrifice to Lamashtu to begin some sort of transformation. A search of the remaining rooms in the basement led to the discovery of Ameiko, alive but badly injured. The heroes took her upstairs where she identified the body encased in glass as her father, Lonjiku. Ameiko took the news of the demise of her father stoically. They returned the gold and silver dust that the Tsuto had stolen to her. She thanked the heroes for their service.

The heroes delivered Tsuto to the Sandpoint Garrison so that he could be held until transport to Magnimar for trial could be arranged.

Oathday, 25 Rova 4707

The next day, The heroes returned to the basement of the Glassworks to investigate the long tunnel that leads off from the basement. They discover a brick wall that has been recently dismantled and leads into seemingly deserted catacomb.The heroes successfully battled against two sinspawn that were guarding the entrance. As they explored the remainder of the catacomb they found a red marble statue of a beautiful, but at the same time, monstrously enraged human woman. None of the heroes were able to identify the woman but they were able to wrestle a masterwork ranseur from her grasp. The heroes followed a set of stairs leading to a washing pool where they encountered and defeated an ancient Vargouille.

Tragedy strikes Sandpoint Swallowtail Festival
Goblins run amuck

Sunday, 23 Rova 4707

The town square of Sandpoint was filled with citizens and visitors from around Golarion participating in the annual Swallowtail Festival. The day began with speeches from Mayor Kendra Deverin, Sheriff Belor Hemlock, Cyrdak Drokkus, and Father Abstalar Zantus. At noon, Father Zantus and his acolytes wheeled a covered wagon into the square and released a thousand swallowtail butterflies into the air to celebrate the legend of Desna transforming a blind child who nursed her back to health into an immortal butterfly as a reward for her aid.

As the sun began to set, Fr. Zantus used a thunderstone to gather the crowd’s attention. As the crowd hushed to listen to Fr. Zantus, a woman’s scream pieced the silence and a stray dog toppled over, its throat cut open from ear to ear. Goblins streamed into the square from all directions.

Amid the chaos, six brave souls (later known as the Heroes of Sandpoint) stepped out from among the crowd and struck back at the goblins. They easily dealt with the initial assault of five goblins but a second wave, led by a goblin warchanter, proved a much more difficult task. A Cheliaxian sorcerer by the name of Atavian was disabled by a goblin but a Varisian monk named Alcea came to his aid and was able to fend off the goblin invaders before more harm came to him. Meanwhile, a Shoanti Fighter named Remicus, a local half-elf cleric named Gaithan, and rogue named Abiyram came to the aid of wizard named Dalton Lockridge who unfortunately was standing near the fuel for the bonfire that a group of goblins had set ablaze.

It was a see saw battle with goblins seemingly having the upper hand until Remicus landed a devastating critical blow on the goblin warchanter. When the warchanter fell, the goblin resolve immediately began to wane and the remaining goblins were quickly defeated.

Gaithan healed the party and the battle moved away. Suddenly, the party saw a goblin commando and a group of 5 goblins threatening a nobleman, Aldern Foxglove and his dog. They did not arrive in time to save the dog, but after a spirited chase, the party took down the goblin commando, his dog and his henchman. Aldern thanks the heroes profusely. He tells the heroes he will be in town for a few days and will be staying at the Rusty Dragon. He urges them to visit him there so that he talk with them more and also provide a more substantial reward.

Two goblins were captured after the raid and questioned by Sheriff Belor Hemlock while the heroes listened in. The goblins yielded little information except that they came from the Sandpoint Hintererlands and were part of the Birdcruncher tribe. They did not remember the name of their leader, except to refer to him as “one of you longshanks”.

Word quickly spreads through town about the six brave heroes who drove the goblin threat out of town. When the heroes visit the The Hagfish tavern, a great cheer rises up and a round of free drinks swiftly appear in front of the heroes. Remicus, Abiyram, and Atavian accept the challenge to drink from Norah’s tank with only Remicus successfully downing the foul water. Remicus adds the 29th name to the list on the ceiling of adventurers with the fortitude to succeed at Norah’s challenge and accepts a pouch of silver coins as a prize. Gaithan appears to have caught the interest of a local young woman named Shayliss Vinder but her friends drag her away before the conversation can go very far.

Moonday, 24 Rova 4707

Several party members are staying at the Rusty Dragon. When the group meets for breakfast, they see Aldern at anothe table. He bids them to join them. Aldern makes good on his word to reward the heroes for saving his life and gives each hero 50 gp. He also invites them to join him on a boar hunt. When he finds out that the party has no horses, he takes them to the Goblin Squash Stables and buys each of them a mount. During the ride to Tickwood Ford, Aldern peppered the group with many questions about the their adventuring background. He seems to have been particularly enamored with the young monk, Alcea. The boar hunt was successful and Aldern’s manservants gathered up the slain boar and take it back to the Rusty Dragon where it is given to Ameiko Kaijitsu, the Inn’s owner. Aldern invites the party for a boar feast that evening at the Rusty Dragon. The heroes spent the remainder of the day exploring Sandpoint.


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