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  • Aldern Foxglove

    Aldern is a handsome man, with medium-length brown hair and fair skin. He is often seen wearing fine clothes befitting the aristocracy of [[Magnimar | Magnimar]], whether hunting or carousing with women. Those who have the pleasure of conversing …

  • Radimir Pylrar

    Radimir Pylrar makes a living in [[Magnimar | Magnimar]] crafting magical items. He uses agents that travel throughout the surrounding area to secure orders for new items. One of his agents regularly attends the [[Sandpoint Market | Sandpoint Market]] …

  • Ingath Bearstorm

    Ingath Bearstorm is an agent of [[:radimir-pylrar | Radimir Pylrar]] a merchant wizard in [[Magnimar | Magnimar]]. He sells magical components at the [[Sandpoint Market | Sandpoint Market]] each Fireday.

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