Sagittel Novathar


Half-Elf Ranger 1, Transmuter 1 Male Alignment-CG

Str: 14 HP: 18 Money Dex: 20 AC: 18 Touch: 15 Flat Footed: 13 PP:20 SP:14 Other:NA Con: 12 Int: +5 GP:11 CP:17 Int: 12 CMB: +3 Wis: 12 CMD: 18 Cha: 7 Hit Damage Crit. Attack: MW Comp. Longbow(Mighty +2) +8 1d8+2 3 Fort: +3 Attack: Great Sword +3 2d6+3 19-202 Ref: +7 Attack: Dagger +3M/+6R 1d4+2 19-202 Will: +3 Attack: Lance +3 1d8+2 *2

Traits* Feats Class Abilities Heirloom Weapon (Longbow) Scribe Scroll Familiar (Hawk) Wild Empathy Magical Knack (Wizard) Alertness Cantrips Track Skill Focus-Stealth School-Transmutation Favored Enemy Point Blank Shot Prohibited Schools -Goblins(+2) -Divination & Necromancy Telekinetic Fist 4/day


MW Studded Leather (20lb) Scroll Case Guard Dog – Visceran Explorers Outfit *3 Spell Component Pouch Spiked Collar Belt Pouch Light War Horse – Raegal Arrows *80 Flint & Steel Military Saddle Silver Arrows *10 Signal Whistle Bit & Bridal Cold Iron Arrows *10 Whet Stone Saddle Bags *2 Bottle Oldlaw Whiskey Back Pack Horse Feed *5 Spell Book Tent Fishing Hooks *2 Bedroll Rations *7 Rope 100ft Hemp Water Skin *3 Oil Flasks *2


Sagittel was born in the Elvin town of Crying Leaf, his father is a minor wizard in service to the city and his mother is a member of one of the ranger companies that patrol the Mierani Forest. He learned the basic of wood lore with his mother before traveling to Celwynvian to study wizardry at the Tower of Stars, at his fathers request. He recently drop out of the academy due to a lack of aptitude for magic. He is currently wondering before returning to Crying Leaf were he hopes to join up with one of the ranger companies there. While in Magnimar he heard tell of an Elvin Ranger in the area around Sandpoint with whom he might learn more woods lore. In a jolly mood and slightly inebriated from his last night in the city he sets off for sandpoint.

Sagittel Novathar

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